Monday, January 9, 2017

Fun Fact: I Ate Rat

Well this week was pretty busy. We were able to get lots of work done around here. Lots happened. We visited these 2 less active girls on Saturday with the young women's presidency. They actually came to church on Sunday. It was a miracle.

Elder Falk was sleeping here at the mission home on Friday night. I was able to have a long conversation with him. I remembered how much I love that guy and miss him. The office I think really changed his perspective on missionary work and he is enjoying every moment as he is out there.

On Friday the Assistants were gone so they invited us to go teach their investigator at the university. I was actually the first one to contact this woman. She is a super genius and is from Kenya. She has a full scholarship to this prestigious school in Ghana and actually gets a stipend for going there. She is super cool. I asked her what she knew about Joseph Smith. She explained to me like perfectly the whole story. It was really unique for me because I haven't really been able to illustrate the Joseph Smith story in a long time. I have told that story probably over 1000 times. This time it just hit me. Like I always say I know it is true but sometimes in the field it became monotonous. This time as I heard her tell me the story I again believed it was true. It was just a really cool experience to be able to teach that again, especially to someone who knows it so well and has come to believe it as well.

I thought you might enjoy a little thought I sent to President Heid this week in my weekly letter to him:

 "I have taken some opportunities throughout my mission to read my call letter over again. I took one of these opportunities when I was about 1 transfer in the office. I remember at that time I was really struggling in lots of different aspects. I think I had just had an argument with my companion. I read the line that promises, "Greater blessings and more happiness than you have yet experienced await you as you humbly and prayerfully serve the Lord in this labor of love among His children." I remember reading that and just laying in bed, thinking if that was really true. I wondered why I didn't feel like I had had a fulfillment of that blessing. I asked God why I hadn't found more happiness on my mission than I did before. I cast my mind back on my mission, on the people I had taught and baptized, on my companions, on the people I had come in contact with. I was overcome with indescribable happiness. I just laid there and started to cry because I was so happy. I truly have a testimony of the call letter and the promises that were made to me. Most of the time it seems like life is difficult, but I know that God is always aware of us. He always wants us to find happiness in all of our situations. What a beautiful thing."

Also some fun facts: This week I at pig brain, I also ate rat. Pig brain is just really bland. Rat was actually way nice. I thought you might enjoy learning that.

Cooked Rat
Well, That was my week. I love you all.
Elder Shelton

Yes, there is a big, fat rat in that cage!


Note from Brigham's Mom:
   Just before Christmas I got an email from the Mission President's wife, Sister Heid. In part she said about Brigham, " He is so very competent and reliable, and always does what is needed with a smile, a nod, and a willing attitude. Please know that he is doing well, happy in the work, and growing into a strong, service-oriented priesthood holder. You can be very, very proud of this young man."  We certainly are proud of him and appreciated her words.

  On Christmas morning our family was able to skype with Brigham for about an hour. He looked great!  We were able to meet his companion and one of the AP's. He seemed so at ease and happy. He bore his testimony to us and answered all of our questions. It was wonderful to talk with him!

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