Sunday, May 7, 2017

Two Great Weeks!

April 23

This week was a really great week. We didn't really have too many investigators when I got here so this week we found a bunch and are finding members houses. It has been really enjoyable talking to, and getting to know so many different people.

The highlight of the week was a combined stake conference between the Tema and Christiansborg stakes to create third stake, Teshie Stake, from of the 2 of them. On Saturday we went to the stake center at the temple site and had an adult session. It was so awesome because I have served in Tema, Cantonments, Burma Hills, and Teshie which all fall under Tema and Christiansborg. I saw so many people there from my old areas and it was so great.

Elder Vinson spoke and gave a super powerful talk. He talked about Caleb in the Old Testament. In essence Caleb at the age of 85 said, "Give me the giants to fight." He talked about how all of us will have giants in life we have to face. But if we have true faith we will be asking God to give us the giants. He also talked about the church in the other countries in West Africa where there are no missionaries. It was really interesting. He also talked about seeing with different eyes and how right now everything doesn't make sense but one day it will. It was awesome.

At the end, a combined Tema and Christiansborg Stake Choir sang and I couldn't help but cry. It was like looking up at all of my family there. So many people that I love. I realized how blessed I am to serve here. The Sunday session was great as well. It was just a great weekend.

Our service project of the week was to go to a recently widowed mother and move a bunch of cement blocks for her. It was pretty cool. After that we built a little cement wall to create a flower bed in front of her fashion school. It was pretty fun.

Mom's Questions:
Your companion sounds like a good fit for you. What is his story?
He was born into the church but his parents were less active. Didn't get baptized until he was 10 because he was forgotten at age 8. Both of his parents have died now. His Uncle is a Stake President and has really helped him to take church seriously. He is always striving to be obedient.

What is your new apartment like, is it just the two of you?
We live in an estate so we have our own compound. There are 4 of us. One of my MTC mates is here. We actually had to take him to the hospital last night due to a kidney stone.

 Are you walking or biking? 
We bike 40 minutes to our area everyday.

Has the President or the office had to call you to help with something since you've been gone?
All the time

Have you heard anything from Rose and her family?
She went back to her home town for some time but is not back in Ashalley Botwe with her husbands grandparents. She says the church is close to her so I am really happy she will be going.

I love you all so much! Have a great week.
Elder Shelton

May 7

This week for me was really good. I was able to do 2 full day exchanges out of my area with junior companions. It was really awesome. The first one I went with Elder Kalombodza. He is from Zimbabwe. He is one of only 2 members in his family of 8 and his father has passed on. He is really missing home and the mission has been difficult for him. It was great to be there to uplift and strengthen him. 

Then I went on exchange with Elder Flan II. He is from Liberia. He was left on the streets when he was 15 because both of his parents have died. He hustled for 10 years and got into some serious things. He found the church and was converted by the Book of Mormon. He's only been in the church a little over 1 year. He said he doesn't like to think about home because all of his memories are about his street days. The other members of his family have disassociated themselves from him because he has joined the church. It was a humbling and sweet opportunity for me to work with and train these elders. I told Elder Flan that I would give you his email so that at least he will have 1 email to respond to on Mondays.

Other than that it was a normal week. Our area is struggling small but we are working hard to get it back into shape.

The kind of person my companion is: We had a zone activity for p-day today. Every time there is an activity someone brings out their unapproved music. Usually I am the only one doesn't like to participate in things like that. Well today it happened again. I went to go wash some dishes and when I came back my companion had left the room where the music was and was sitting by himself in the hallway. He explained to me that he wanted to get away from the music. I went over there and we went to go play basketball. We had a grand time playing basketball by ourselves. I really love the guy so much.

Mom's Questions:
What is your favorite thing about your new companion? His work ethic and desire.

Are you picking up any French from him? Not much.

How's his English coming?  Its really good. I forget that he is even a French speaker.

Where are the other two missionaries in your apartment from?  Panguitch and Zimbabwe
I love you all so much,
Elder Shelton