Monday, May 30, 2016

I Am Loving It Here

Dear Family,

On the way back from zone activity in Accra
Rainy season struck this week. It has rained every single day this last week and it is tiring fighting the mud and wetness. I just got back from a multi zone activity in Accra. President came and gave some great instruction in the conference we had afterwards. 

This week we had a solid week. We found a family to teach. We have taught them twice and they have been to church twice. Unfortunately they don't speak English very well but it is nice to be able to teach a family. I called all of the numbers in our Branch Directory to people about the Open House we had for the new chapel. There was this less active named Naomi that doesn't speak English. I tried to explain to her in Twi about the Open House. I thought she didn't understand anything but she showed up. It was pretty cool. It was a disappointing turnout but it was ok. I felt like I was able to do some good work with the members.

I don't think I have written about the Donkor family yet. They live in Jumapo which is a ways away from Oyoko. The children grew up in a normal family. Their parents joined the church when they were young. Unfortunately when they got older their mother left and they were with their father. Their father fell sick and has been in Accra hospital for the last 6 months. So Foster aged 23 and Docas aged 18 have had to support the family. Their brother Evans aged 21 just returned home from his mission last week. They have 2 younger girls. Victoria aged 12 and Mary aged 10. Mary is crippled. Their family is still as happy as can be. They come to church with a smile on their faces. They are some of the most humble, hardworking people I have met. Mary loves to share the gospel. I have really enjoyed getting to know them and their story has inspired me.

We had 8 new investigators this week and 5 with baptismal dates. We are hoping that our really awesome investigator Loretta comes back from Accra this week. She is the one with 2 children and told us thank you for changing her life. I really am loving it here. Some days it drags on and the tro tro rides are nauseating and the children are annoying. But I have always tried to remember where I am, and how privileged I am to be here. And then the children become a joy and the tro tro rides are an adventure through Africa!

Answers to questions:
What do you like best about your companion? He notices funny things and likes to laugh.

What is the strangest thing you saw or did this week? Talked to this drunk guy who was really enthusiastic and when we talked would keep saying, "Relaaaaaaaaax"

Are you aware of any unique resources in your mission? I know they have plenty of resources here. Some include gold and oil. I am sure they have other gem stones as well but many of those come from East Africa and even a lot in Liberia and Sierra Leone. A lot of the resources here are food. Unfortunately most of the resources are taken and processed by foreign countries.

I love you all.
Elder Shelton

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