Monday, March 7, 2016

The First Storm

Dear Family,

This week was an interesting week. Last Monday was kind of a downer because I lost everything on my MP3 player. Then we had a FHE scheduled with a Member and an investigator but we weren't able to go because Elder Johnson got really sick and threw up everywhere. I felt really bad about everything.

On Tuesday we sat down to start teaching a lesson to these ladies that sell watermelon. We look over and there is this huge black cloud that was moving fast. Of course they get into action trying to cover their stuff and we helped them then got going home for lunch. As we are riding this insane wind comes out of nowhere and blows sand and dust everywhere. I couldn't even see where we were riding and my eyes had so much sand in them. We stopped and helped this lady pack away all the bags and fabric she was selling. I was pretty nervous that some tin roofs would fly off. Then as we finished helping her the rain started to pour and we got home just in time. I made a nice minestrone soup and hot chocolate as we enjoyed the cooler weather. It was the first time I have really seen a storm here. It was pretty cool.

This week we committed 7 investigators to come to church. We helped them and set everything up so that they would all come. We called them in the morning and they said they were coming. I was expecting at least 2-3. Then not even one came. That is an average week here. Ghanaians don't want to offend you so they will always say they are coming but it is a big struggle here to get them to come. I guess there is always next week though.

Saturday we found out that Elder Ojaide is being transferred to Kpone today and Elder Buys will get Elder Okeke. It is sad to see him go. He was really good to me and taught me a lot. Change is always hard but I hope I can get used to it.

The Bathroom Pictures!
Mom's Questions
Do you have a picture of your bathroom? (Just curious about it!)
 I took one today.
Not as bad as mom imagined it!
I assume "futball" is soccer, how are you liking that? Do the Africans just run circles around the Americans? 
My shoes are no good. We got wide toe remember so every time I play I get ingrown toenails. But it is fun. Africans usually run circles around us. Actually it is just the Americans that aren't good.

What did you do to serve someone this week?
 Help people during the storm. It is hard to serve Ghanaians. They like to do things themselves.

 Someone asked me last night, have you ever been in danger - I said not that he's told us. Have you?
I am not in danger. Ghana is very safe.

Are you still feeling healthy? 
 I am feeling somewhat healthy. I probably don't get enough vegetables. It is hard to find time to go to market and then find time to prepare them as well.  I have put on some weight here though. It is about 15 pounds. Mostly in muscle but a little in my gut. So I guess I am doing ok.

I love you all so much.

Elder Shelton

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