Monday, February 29, 2016

Developing Charity

Dear Family,

It sounds like a normal week at home. It was normal here as well. After our rough week last week we had a really good turn around this week. We found several new investigators and we had plenty of our other ones progress as well.

The work for Elder Johnson and I can sometimes be hard because people see us as either their American friends that can get them to the U.S., the two young white guys, or people who just want to discuss the Bible. It can be frustrating at times but I still have to say I am blessed to be in Ghana. I am running out of ideas what to tell you in my letters because the weeks are kinda the same.  Elder Johnson still has stupid things he does, which I laugh at, but I have been blessed to see him really become a better missionary. Dumb thing  he did this week was dive headfirst into Elder Buys washing bucket.

This last week Elder Johnson and I were discussing charity. As we were talking, and as it was on my mind, I realized something that I have a deep need to improve on charity. When I first came to Ghana, and even still now, I have seen things that I wish were different. I would say, "If only Ghana would change this..." or "If only the people would just change this about what they are doing and how they are living." I guess I thought that I could "help" them out or just change their culture into something "better". I have now come to realize that my frustration and my desire to change some things about Ghana have not allowed me to have charity for these people. They are happy with the way they live. I should love them for who they are and what they do instead of wanting to change them into what I think would be better for them. I have always tried to love the people and love Ghana, but part of loving them is loving their culture and the people they are. I can't say it is easy for me to love choking down 3 balls of banku, but I will pray to have that type of Christ-like love for them.

Interesting events this week included a traditional naming ceremony, futbol on Saturday morning and today .You asked me a couple weeks ago what are my favorite things to buy off the street. I thought of some more. Mango, sugarcane, and popcorn with groundnut. You can also get your shoe or bag fixed by guys who walk around with sewing stuff which is pretty sweet.

I love you all so much. I cant believe you are already almost done with winter. I love hearing about everything going on.

Elder Shelton

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