Monday, February 8, 2016

Another Baptism

Dear Family,

This last week was a good week. We had a baptism this past week. His name is S___. He is in his 40's. When we first met him on the street he was jamming out to Bob Marley and he was drunk and on drugs. The first time we went to his place I just wanted to leave. He freaked me out a bit. But as we kept going he began to change dramatically. Through it all he was willing to let the Atonement of Jesus Christ shape his life. He used to be a pastor then turned to hard drugs. His transformation has been incredible. We were able to baptize him yesterday. The Elder's Quorum President, Brother Anokye, did the baptism. It was really great.

I told Elder Johnson the other day that my Journal should just be titled, "Dumb things Elder Johnson does." We had a good laugh about it. This week he biffed it on his bike and it was unfortunately really funny. He was ok and just popped on up.

Being with Elder Johnson the last two weeks I have had a lot to learn. I have seen Elder Johnson really grow and I think I have grown too. It has been a cool experience. There may be some changes soon to our Zone because we have some missionaries going to Sierra Leone and some going home. Sister Thatcher, who serves in ward 2 with me, is headed for Sierra Leone so ward 2 will receive a new missionary. She had a birthday party today and that is one of the pictures.

Elder Vinson of the area presidency is speaking to us tomorrow so I am excited about that. Sounds like things are busy as always at home.

Mom's Questions:
What members have you become closest to and why? The Bishops family, the Acheampongs, and Quacks, and the Anokyes. Bishops family because we are over there a lot and Bishop and his wife are cool. The Acheampongs because they are a young family that functions super well and doesn't let cultural things get in their way of following Christ. When we go to their home it is like I am home again. I feel comfortable there. The Quacks are an Korean family and are really fun. The other day we were there and the mom who doesn't speak much english brings out pineapple and sets it down. Then looks at me and says," I like you Shelton." Pretty funny. The Anokyes because they are a really solid family and love missionaries so much. Sister Anokye is a really good cook.

Are your first two converts still coming to church? Yep, One is the first counselor in the YM. The other is in YW and gave a talk the other day.

I hope you all have good weeks. I love you all so much. This week I seemed to be thinking of all of you extra. Keep the Faith.

Elder Shelton

Birthday Party for Sister Thatcher

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