Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Elder Rasband Visits Ghana

Dear Family,

I am really short on time today, we just got home from Tema New Town where we had a district activity. It was Elders in the kitchen where the Elders cooked rice, yam, and stew for the sisters in our district. It was really fun.

This week was a good week. I am emailing on Tuesday because we had the opportunity of going to Accra yesterday and listening to Elder Rasband speak to us. It was a really great experience. He talked about how our service should be motivated by our love for Jesus Christ. If we want to love him more, learn more about him. Overall it was a really great experience.

This week we found some cool investigators that I am optimistic about. We found this one guy who sells tea bread. He was at his home preparing the dough and everything and we knocked on his gate and he immediately said come in. We sat down at his little wooded table outside and he showed us how to roll the dough into all different shapes and sizes. It was really cool. The other women there were a little frustrated because we couldn't do it very well but they were kind enough to allow us to continue. We were able to teach the man a little and he seems really excited.

Other news this week. I spent a day in New town on an exchange. The area is really close to the Ocean and it is hot and humble. It was fun and interesting to get a change of scenery.

Sunday we had no investigators at church again which makes a lot of weeks in a row. We did visit one of my favorite families in the ward this week. The moms name is Sister Naam. She is Korean and has lived in Ghana for longer than I have been alive. She is the cutest, coolest woman ever. She doesn't speak English very well and it is somewhat "Ghanafied". Every time she sees me she says, "I like you Shelton!!!" It is super funny. I invited her to invite somebody to church. She told me of the 2 families that she has brought to the church and they have now been sealed. She was so dedicated to start up her missionary efforts again. Low and behold at church on Sunday was this man from Benin that she brought that she met in her English class that she has recently started. It was a real blessing to us.

Craziest thing that Elder Johnson did this week: He jumped into our 55 gallon trash bucket that if full of reserve water and hit his head on the bottom.

Tell us a little about the new elder in your apartment. He is Nigerian, an Ebo. He is somehow (somewhat) fair. Very humble guy. Born into the church. Has 3 brothers. One a return missionary, another serving in Ivory Coast, the other at home.

What have you learned to cook while in Ghana? All kinds of rice and stew. It is hard to really cook Ghanaian. We don't have time to pound fufu.

Do you usually cook for yourself or do you and your companion cook together? By myself. Elder Johnson only cooks french toast and top ramen.

 Do you know how many missionaries from your mission were re-assigned to Sierra Leone and will any more be re-assigned in the future?Two sisters and four elders. I don't know, probably as those missions expand there will be more reassigned.

What is your favorite thing about the Ghanaian people? Their humility and faith. Even if they don't have faith in the right things they are willing to believe in miracles.

What service did you do this week? On two different occasions we pushed cars for miles. It was the most I have ever sweat in my life.

I love you all. Have a good week and Easter.


Elder Shelton

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