Monday, December 12, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas


This week was difficult and tiring. We are trying to get ready for Christmas and there has been so much to do. We are getting Christmas calling cards all ready and it has been stressful because its a lot of running around and trying to communicate things with the phone people. It wasn't all that easy. It was also a week after coming off of transfers which means we had a lot of office updating to do. We didn't get to proselyte at all this week. Thursday we were to stay in and deep clean because of the election. I cleaned all day and it wore me out. I don't think missionaries ever deep clean anything, (or even clean anything). So it was a lot of work. I am actually grateful for Rosa (Brigham's boss in high school when he did janitorial work at our local elementary school) for holding a high standard for cleaning. It taught me how to clean.

My new companion's name is Elder Anusiem. He comes from Nigeria. Like my other Nigerian companions he also comes from a richer demographic. His parents work for the church. He is a really cool guy. It has been a while since I have had an African companion so that has thrown me a little curve ball, especially here in the office when I am talking and trying to get things done at a million miles per hour. I have had to learn to slow down and be a good and patient teacher.

The nice thing about being in the mission home is that you feel so much more of the Christmas spirit. There is more Christmas music and food and lights and parties. The bad part is that it is making me miss home even more this Christmas than last year. But I am grateful to have senior couples and President and Sister Heid to be my family for Christmas this year.

One thing I've been thinking about that I will miss about Ghana and that I have missed since coming to the city: I miss people not caring about how they look.  I love being around people that you can walk up to and they could care less how they look. It was really refreshing.

Anyways, Questions
How are things going for your new companion?
It has been a lot different. He is still getting used to things around here but he really wants to work hard and learn things fast. He is really trying to improve in many ways.

Is he able to drive the stick shift? Can't drive at all. Our trotro got taken away unfortunately so I am not even driving the manual. We got this big ol ugly soccer mom van that can't really fit anything besides people. It really is terrible for dropping off supplies.

What was a miracle this week? I got a free T-Shirt at the Vodafone store because I asked if they had any and the woman just dashed one to me.

Tell us about the election. It was very peaceful. Ghanaians don't look for an excuse to be violent. They look for an excuse to party. So mostly it was pretty normal except there was less traffic which was nice. Then when they finally declared the winner people were just celebrating. Packing many people into small cars, hanging out the window. Honking the horn and driving fast. That's a fairly normal practice for weddings and funerals. So not much excitement.

Do you still write a weekly email to the mission president? What do you say to him? Yep, mostly he knows what I do. I usually just write him a spiritual thought I was having during the week.

What was the best thing that happened this week? We had zone training and then went to the temple. That was pretty sweet. We watched the Christmas Light the World video. It was fantastic.

I love you all,

Elder Shelton

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