Monday, October 3, 2016

One Year Out, One Year Left to Go!

Dear Family,

It is weird to think that I have been here for a year. Its a long time but also a short time. On Saturday for my one year mark the AP's and Elder Falk poured buckets of water on me. We also went and got a hamburger.

Wasn't conference great? I really enjoyed that talk by Elder Yamishita and so many others. I got to watch most sessions. Sunday morning session we were invited to watch in the Heid's living room and have dinner with them and the Senior couple. WE HAD LASAGNA. It was the best day of my life!

Other things I did this week... worked on making maps, moved people around, picked up mail at the post office, helped find new investigators in a struggling area, called everyone who didn't mail President, and helped some people apply for BYU Hawaii. My MTC group did come down this week to get our Non-Citizen ID's renewed. It was kinda fun to be with them all again.

Some more exciting things this last week: We went to the temple because President said that we can go whenever, our stake just created a new unit which I will be serving in, and I proselyted in my old area for a couple hours! I am getting the hang of things around here and I can find more ways to be productive now.

Questions from Mom:
What has been the hardest thing about being in the office? Not proselyting much and the pressure that is always on you.

What is something crazy you did, and what was a miracle? I had walk through a river that was created by the rain. It was a miracle that we got home safely that night because the roads were rivers and we couldn't see out the windshield. Also, the lasagna was a miracle.

Brigham and his companion Elder Falk
Are you doing much driving? Yep. I drive the tro all the time. I am still a little shaky at stick but it isn't bad. You have to be ready to go anywhere at anytime and that calls for some high pressure driving. Driving in Ghana: It's like navigating the Senior Ramp at Brighton. No rules, you just find little places you can fit and hope you don't get run over. It's tiring because your blood is always pumping from all the times you almost die.

Tell us about your new companion: His name is Elder Falk. Went to Olympus and played baseball, basketball, and football there. I really enjoy being with him. We have a lot in common.  He is a good missionary. It is really nice to be with someone mature on the mission because when we do teach together we have really solid companionship unity. He is really patient with me and is a great guy.

I love you all so much.

Elder Shelton

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