Monday, October 17, 2016

A Normal Week at the Office


Well, I don't really know how to explain my week. It was normal. We were preparing stuff for MLC (Mission Leadership Conferences). We got to go to part of MLC. It was definitely cool to be there with all of the mission leaders and see what ideas they had to make the mission better. Other than that mostly it was just the stress of hosting the Zone Leaders here and making sure we had all the food and stuff for the MLC.

We were able to go out and proselyte much more this week. The area that we are in is rich. It is rather like serving in California. It is cool though. I have been able to serve in very poor areas, might as well test my skills in a rich area. It is a brand new branch so it is hard to get the ball rolling with missionary work and other branch work but it is really great to see a new branch blossom and there are many great members. Other news: I went to the temple again this week. Had an activity today. Had the opportunity to go on several exchanges this last week.

I would say in the office I have really seen so many ways that I need to improve. It has been good but humbling. In Oyoko we were only 2 and honestly everyone kind of looked up to us no matter what we did. Now I am around many people who are expecting things of me.  It has given me an opportunity to really try to be qualified for the work I am called to do.

The office has actually taught me many things. I think this experience is very valuable because you learn to share the gospel in a more practical sense. It's like I have an office job but also a responsibility to share the gospel. I think that many people back home are in the same circumstance. You learn to share the gospel with your associates and while doing business transactions and stuff. Obedience here is more self discipline. In the field it is pretty black and white. Here you have to govern yourself a little more, but still obey.

Mom, after being to the post office this week I would really like if you didn't send so many packages. The system there isn't really a system. It is by far my least favorite part of being in the office. We have to sit in traffic for like an hour to get there. Then we have to barter with these customs officers for decent prices. Then it is like an hour again in traffic to get back. On Tuesday we left the mission home at 11 in the morning and didn't get back until 5.

Dad, I have always told you that you set a great example for me. I wish I would have paid attention to your computer skills as well. I have thought many times. Back home I would have just asked my dad to fix this. I guess it is good to learn to be self-reliant though.

I love you so much.
Elder Shelton

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