Monday, September 5, 2016

Interpreting Dreams

Dear Family,

This week was a fantastic week. It is funny some of the things that you mentioned mom in your letter. You mentioned dreams.  We have this woman that is the daughter of a local pastor. She is 30 years old. This week she was telling us about this dream she had about 5 years ago. It took her like 30 minutes to tell but I will tell the short version. She told that in the dream there were some people that were trying to keep her locked up. It was the people that were close to her and familiar that were trying to keep her locked up. She said that she saw 2 white people dressed like missionaries. She wrote down there names. She said the 2 white people were fighting and fighting to free her and to help her. She talked about angels being with the white people trying to unlock her and free her. Eventually they were able to free her and heal her from this sickness that she was having.

She told us that when she first met us she kept looking at our name tags over and over again. She recognized them before. It is why she talked to us in the first place. She eventually realized that the symbol she saw on our name tags was the same symbol that she had seen 5 years earlier in her dream. We had been teaching her earlier about how there is only 1 true church. She was super confused by that. I think the dream helped her to understand a little more. She is still really confused by what the dream means. It is funny because to Elder Robertson and I it couldn't be more obvious. Her whole life she has lived under this blanket of false doctrine. It is not easy to uncover. But God truly can send dreams to help people understand.

In other news the drunk guy we found last week is progressing very well and came to church and has stopped drinking. Pretty incredible story he has that I will have to tell you some other time.

Today we had a zone activity and we went to a place called Boti Falls. It is actually just over the mountain from the Oyoko apartment. It was actually this huge waterfall and it was really cool.

I love you all.
Elder Shelton

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