Monday, April 18, 2016

Baptisms - the Highlight of My Week

Brigham, his companion, and the two new members!
Dear Family,

I was able to baptize 2 of our really good investigators this week. Brother Phillip and Brother Isaac. They had been prepared to receive the gospel and be baptized even before we taught them. Their faith and willingness to act touched me. Although their was a small language difference I couldn't help but smile and almost cry when they tried to explain what they were feeling and the experiences they have had. It was the highlight of my week to baptize them.

I have enjoyed getting to know some of the members up here as well. I have come to know a member of the Branch Presidency named President Baffoe. He was only baptized about 2 years ago. He is so diligent in everything. He shows up with a smile at all the Branch events and activities even though nobody else comes. The gospel has touched his life and he is truly converted. He still has the same joy and zeal for the gospel as the day he was baptized. I think it is one of the biggest privileges of being out here to meet people like this and to hear their stories. He is really a bright spot in the Branch in Oyoko.

I downloaded conference and have been listening to it small small. It seems like Africa was mentioned plenty. It really is a privilege to serve here. I have loved so many of the talks and they have given me some wonderful insights.

So the Taylor's are leaving? Are they going home or to another area? I thought for sure they must be a new missionary couple because she has been posting a bunch of pictures on the Facebook page lately and I've never seen a post from her before. The Taylor's are going home because of medical issues. They are fairly new in the mission. We won't have any other couple missionaries for a while.
 Elder Okorie, Sister Taylor, & Brigham

How do you get to Koforidua without bikes? Taxi or tro-tro
How far away is it from where you are? 15 minute taxi
How do you grocery shop for the whole week?I don't, even on monday.
Is there not any food to buy where you live, like off the streets? Rice and stew, banku, red red, rice ball.

What is your apartment like? Tiled, 2 bedrooms, 1 wash room, 1 kitchen.
Do you have warm showers? Nope, bucket showers mostly.
What is the electricity situation like there? It is usually on.
Do you have a refrigerator? Yep.

Is there a language barrier with you and the people? For sure. Contacting is a nightmare. Even visiting members and less actives is hard because they don't speak English. It is hard to know if they are teaching the what they should be teaching because I can only pick about 25% of what they say.

Anyways, I love you all

Elder Shelton

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