Monday, January 18, 2016

A Good Week

Dear Family,

Morning bike ride to the beach
Notice how hazy it is!
This week was a really good week for me. On Tuesday we had Zone Training and Elder Buys gave a really good analogy that he pulled from his experiences in musical theater. He explained that there were 2 phrases he heard frequently. They were, "leave it on the stage" and "leave it all on the stage." The first one refers to unnecessary drama or "konkonsa" that people would participate in. The second one refers to giving your performance everything you have. It reminded me a lot of a phrase I used to hear while playing baseball and football. Leave it all on the field. I remembered all of the times I would come home from practice or a game and be completely exhausted because I had given it everything I had. In those moments I always felt tired and I felt pain, but I felt fulfilled because I had not given up or slacked off. It was a great conference and I felt like I learned a lot. Afterwards we treated ourselves to some KFC! It was super good to taste a real chicken sandwich again.

On Thursday morning Elder Johnson and I woke up at 5 and rode our bikes out to the beach to watch the sunrise for morning exercise. It was super cool. Elder Johnson has never been to the beach before so it was awesome to see his reaction.

The missionary work is going well too. This week we had 9 investigators progress. They are still having a hard time coming to church but I have hopes that some of them will be baptized.

Brigham and his new companion, Elder Johnson
Saturday night I got the big news. Elder Ojaide has been transferred. He is going to Tema ward 3 to join Elder Buys and Elder Johnson who was in ward 3 is coming to join me in ward 2. We will all stay in the same apartment but things will be very different. Elder Johnson has been out for 6 months and is my same age. He is from Pleasant Grove. He is the oldest of 9 children. He is super goofy and a little not serious. I am excited to be with him. It will be a very different experience and I will have to learn a lot.

How have you been doing? Always have ups and downs. Confidence and then being humbled. When Josh returned home from his mission he told me that many people see a mission as going from one "Kodak" moment to the next and returning home a completely new and wonderful person. He informed me that it was not like that at all. That it was hard and tiring most days. I have found his words to be very true. I don't see big miracles everyday. Usually the work is tiring and disappointing. Even despite this I have found my own small miracles in my own life and others as well. I have seen tender mercies extended towards me when I needed them that have strengthened my testimony. I am grateful to say that I have felt happiness in the work.

Have you been sick yet? Haven't been sick.

Is it still the hot and windy season? It isn't that hot. It is windy and dusty. You can't even see a mile. Its really hard to see 100 yards in front of you. Makes for cool sunsets though.
What do you do about it? Deal with it. Its not that big of a problem.

What are you studying and what are you learning?
I have been trying to focus my study on the fundamentals of the gospel. I have learned better how they all relate and why each and every aspect of the gospel is important.

Does anything seem unusual anymore? As a Ghanaian would say, "Its normal"

What is the funniest thing that happened last week? Elder Johnson and Elder Buys were wrestling and they took each other down on my bed and fell right through the bed frame and broke the bed. It was unfortunate for me but it was funny to watch.

There is so much going on at home! It is exciting to hear about it all. I love you all so much.

Elder Shelton

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