Monday, November 16, 2015

Two Baptisms!

Dear Family,

Brigham's First Baptisms
This week has been an interesting week. Elder Ojaide had to go do a bunch of exchanges this week so I was with Elder Johnson for a lot of this week. He is a fairly new missionary as well so it was interesting to be able to step up and take a bigger role in the missionary work. As I did I discovered some things I am good at as well as many things I am not good at. A big chunk of our time was spent preparing G and A for baptism. Everything went according to our plan and they were baptized Sunday. I had the opportunity to baptize them as well as 2 other people that the sisters in our ward had been teaching. It was a really great experience. I pray that it meant as much to them as it did to me. The service was great and Pres. and Sis. Heid showed up unexpectedly.

Other than that not much else took place this week. Although we did have a combined zone activity again today that was really fun. As well as transfers tomorrow, I will still be in Tema with Elder Ojaide, Elder Buys and Elder Johnson will stay here as well. I completely forgot it was Thanksgiving this week. Elder Ojaide and I will celebrate somehow this week small.

Mom's Questions:
How many cedis do you get a month to use? 360
And what besides food do you have to pay for? Washing supplies, apartment items, transportation.
Seems like you are growing and learning a lot. What did you learn this week?I learned that showing gratitude first before looking at the negatives makes everything better.
How are things going with Elder O? How long has he been out? He has been out for 1 year 6 months. Things are going fine.
Does he have family in the church? All of his family is. He only has 1 sister.
Nigeria is a pretty dangerous place isn't it? No, very safe. Many people say it is dangerous but Elder Ojaide would say there are only a couple of people who do very bad things and everybody hears about that. There is the Boko Haram there which everyone is afraid of but they pose really no threats.
What is your address; I'd like to try to Google Earth it and see where you live. Sorry mom, there aren't addresses in Ghana. I would say I am at community 9 hospital road, across the new pharmacy.
I'm so glad the bishop has been so good to you. Have you eaten in his home, or other members? Or do you mostly eat at home? Do you just buy prepared food off the street or take it home to prepare?
I have only eaten in members homes twice. Mostly eat and cook at home by myself. I have made homemade chicken noodle soup, teryiaki rice, and lettuce wraps this last week.
 Do you shop in "grocery stores", or is it markets and shops along the street where you have the meat market, vegetable market, bakery, ect? I have been to one grocery store and it took us an hour to get there. I like to go to the market but we only go when we have time on P-day which is never. There are provisional shops run by women that are everywhere and that is where we buy most of our stuff.
I love hearing about the strangest thing you saw during the week. I'm sure as time goes on there will be less and less that seems strange to you. What was strange this week? Last week we were teaching somebody about obeying the law and a guy came and peed right in front of us into the gutter. It happens quite a bit.
What is something that is different or unexpected about Africa than what you thought before you got there?It is much more city like than I would have thought.

Sounds like you are having a great time back home. Soak up the cold weather for me. Have a great Thanksgiving. Its a perfect time to realize how much we are all blessed. We are blessed more than you know. I will be thinking about you and I love you.

Elder Shelton
Brig Has Always Adored the Kids!

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