Monday, November 9, 2015

Goat Liver Isn't My Favorite Food

Dear Family,

This week has been a good week. Tuesday we had a district meeting and President Heid and his wife came. It was incredibly spiritual. Elder Francisco, my District Leader, went home to Angola today. In the district meeting President asked him to talk about his mission a little bit. He spoke no English when he got here and it was hard for him to learn. He came from a place where the church is not plenty and his family aren't all members. He bore one of the most solemn spiritual testimonies I have heard. It was sad to see such a great missionary go. Sister Heid talked about how one of her grandchild's friend committed suicide. She reminded us how important it is to be a friend to all and it was something that really struck my heart. It was a really good meeting.

The work here in Tema doesn't seem to be easy. We have 4 investigators with baptismal dates but hope to pick up the slack this week and have a lot more. People are happy to listen to us and even to read the things we give them. The hard part is in getting them to believe that this church is the only church on this earth with a fullness  of the truth. They believe in the Book of Mormon and accept what we say but don't come to church because they are either busy or going to their own church. People love to talk to us about religion, they just aren't willing to change even if they know it is the truth. People are stuck on little things as well. One day I had to answer 3 different times in 3 different lessons why we worship on Sunday. Its great though that people are receptive.

Interesting things: I have made several kids cry because I am white. Goat liver isn't my favorite food. Everyone wants me to take them to America. They have a U.S. Visa lottery here. One of the hardest things I have to deal with here is refusing to give struggling people money. Every day someone will come up to us because I am white and have a name tag on. They are in dire situations and I feel so bad that I can't do anything to help. It is hard to walk away from someone like that who really needs help and knows you are good, christian people.

Answers to Mom's questions:
Are you getting used to the food and what is swallow food that you mentioned last week? I don't eat Ghanaian food much so no. Swallow is a food group here. Fufu is a swallow. They are like doughs that you swallow and dont chew.

Are you getting used to the heat and humidity yet? Yeah its not too bad.

What is Accra like? A lot like a big city but streets have markets and people weave through the cars at stoplights to sell stuff.

What kinds of homes do you teach in? Some you look around and could be in the U.S. Usually though we teach outside. Some people live in little huts with tin roofs. They all have power when it is on though.

What are some of their customs? Marriage is very different here. Bride price and such.

Is using your left hand a bad thing in the city like we read about before you left home? Yes using left is bad. I have had people call me out on that.

I love all of you. Sounds like you are having fun at home. Keep putting yourselves out there!

Elder Shelton

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