Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Transfers, Service, and Malaria

Dear Family,

Well I will start off with the thing that you are probably the most interested in. Transfer news. Elder Niamkey was transferred away from me to go to Kpong. I was really excited for him because he has been here long and he will be able to go to the bush. He was initially very excited but then got really sad as it dawned on him that he would have to leave his home for the last 7 months. I was really sad to see him leave. On Sunday we just talked and talked for a long time and joked and had fun. It is sad to see him go. My new companion is Elder Eduok (Ed-walk) from Nigeria. He's been on mission for about 7 months as well. He's quiet. I think I will have a great time with him.

As for this last week it was really good. We have been working hard in our area but still not seeing results. I've never found  it as hard as I have here finding investigators. I'm sure very soon things will look up for us. We had some cool experiences this week winning the hearts of members. When I first came here it seemed like members didn't like missionaries much. It is my goal to change that perspective here in Teshie.

Today we had some fun as we went down to the beach in my area and rode our bikes across the beach area. It was a ton of fun but I got scorched.

I love you all so much.
Elder Shelton

Dear Family,

Let me start by telling you small about my new companion. His name is Elder Eduok. He is 20 years old and is from Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. He comes from a wealthier family. All members. has 6 siblings who have all served missions and he is the youngest. He is a really really great guy. He is mature, clean, smart, innovative, and really really funny, he's a really good missionary. He's good at voice impersonations so every night he will do President Uchtdorf, "Elder Shelton, we love you, we sustain you, and we always always pray for you." I'm really enjoying my time here in Teshie. Even though the area has been tough I have had good companions by my side.

This week was fairly normal. Things have picked up in the area a bit and we had several people at church. We were pretty happy

Today we helped with a service project at one of our members places. She is opening up her seamstress school soon and did some work for her. There was a group from Salt Lake that was also there helping her out with the service. They came from Sandy. It was really weird. We got there and there were a bunch of white people and they got really excited to see missionaries. They asked me where I was from and I told them I was from Salt Lake. They were convinced I was lying because my accent did not reflect it at all. I suddenly became aware of my speech and I struggled so badly to talk to them. I was really embarrassed. Is my accent really that bad? Does it reflect in my emails? Anyway, it was a fun activity for us to do.

Anyways, I love you all so much.
Elder Shelton

Dear Family,
I'm sorry that I could not write to you yesterday. The reason I could not write was because I was in a meeting in.... Vancouver... and the elevator got stuck on the 4th floor....and the power went out so I couldn't call...

Well in all actuality it is quite the story why I couldn't write yesterday. It all started on Saturday...

We finished teaching a lesson at about 7:00 and we were talking with some members who live close by. I started to feel tired and weak. I asked my companion if we could go. As we rode to our next appointment I was having pretty serious chills and shivering and having convulsions. I told Elder Eduok that he would pretty much have to take the next lesson. We got there and had to teach in a tiny, cramped container. I was sitting on a wooden stool. I had my head down for most of that lesson and just shivered. After the lesson we got on our bikes and started for home (which is a long ways away). Elder Eduok's bike broke down so we went to the chapel and locked them and picked a taxi home.

When I got home I just wanted to go to bed but luckily Elder Perkins was there and was smart enough to take care of me a bit. My whole body was so sore and weak. I had pains in every place imaginable. I was super cold as well. We took my temperature which was 39.1 Celsius. We took out the malaria test kit and pricked my finger so we could get blood on the kit. Turns out Elder Perkins put it on the wrong circle so it didn't work. Anyways we called Sister Jones who told us what to do. Trying to sleep that night was torture. Stomach pains and cramps, headache, dizziness, dry heaves.

So the next day I stayed home from church and rested. Sister Jones came by and made sure everything was fine. We did another Malaria test which was negative but Sister Jones still thinks it was probably malaria. That day the diarrhea and vomiting started. It felt like a teeter-totter inside of me. If you don't balance correctly one way everything tips, but be careful for the backside. Anyways you can imagine vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. Severe stomach cramps, super weak, super painful. My temperature hit 39.3 (102.7 F) that day.

Monday things started to get a bit better. I was able to at least eat some Campbell;s chicken noodle soup that Sister Jones brought me. Still I had the same symptoms though.

Today I have been indoors as well. This is the first time I have been out.

I'm doing well now. I am in the great care of Sister Jones. She is really like my mother here on mission. We knew each other well in the office and she has always made sure I am in good health. Anyways I'm doing great. Don't over react. Lots of missionaries get malaria. And yes mom I have been taking my doxy pills.

I love you all. I hope that you know I am in good care and am doing great. I'll get back to proselyting soon.

Elder Shelton

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