Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Area, New Companion

Dear Family,

This week was so so good. President really worked me hard in the office my last 2 days there. It was difficult because both of the AP's are less than 1 month in their positions and the other office elders weren't that experienced either when it came to transfers so pretty much all the other 4 just came to me for everything and asked me how to do everything. That doesn't sound all that humble but it was pretty tiring trying to help everything. I know that they will all learn fast though.

On Tuesday night I finally got out to my area and met my companion. That night we went straight to coordination meeting and then right into PEC. This ward is the most organized I have seen. It was really incredible. We finished around 8:15 and I turned to my companion and asked, "You want to go work?" He said, "Lets go." So we went out that night and saw some people. Since that time we have worked and worked and worked. It is the best thing ever.

Wednesday we had Zone training and I was asked to instruct. I was super tired and so it wasn't the best instruction I have given but it went O.K.

Thursday and Friday I had to do some baptisimal interviews and had to even prepare one of our own for baptism. It was a really hectic week.

Saturday we had a baptism for Eric Mensah. He is 18 years old and is really cool. He came to a ward activity today and is really active. Church was great. I'm getting to know and love all the members really fast.

Today I had to wash by hand again. It was horrible. My hands hurt so much. I spent a long time cleaning as well because the apartment was kind of scary when I got there. I think this next week we will work on building our teaching pool because we don't have that many investigators.

My companion: Elder Niamkey (Nee-am-kay) has been out for 7 months and is the most humble, nice, hard working, guy. He reminds me a lot of Ntumba. You just naturally like the guy. I couldn't have been with a better companion. I think I was a relief to him as well so life is really sweet right now. His English is pretty good and I enjoy seeing him really rely on the spirit for his words. He has given me several testimonies about how the spirit has helped him this week as I have allowed him to talk a lot. Hopefully I will be able so send you a picture. Even seeing a picture of him will make you love him.

Speaking of Ntumba, we have an Elder Ntumba coming next transfer. I am super excited to meet the guy.

I love you all so much.

Elder Shelton

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