Monday, March 27, 2017

God Loves Them Too


We had another really free week this week. It has been interesting. For the past 2 weeks we have had almost no office work to do. I'm sure that pretty soon though everything will come crashing down upon us again.

The extra time this week mostly went into helping others in my district. On Wednesday the whole district did a contacting activity in one of the areas that is struggling.  It was super fun to contact. I generally enjoy talking to people. Especially Ghanaians. In the office we don't get to contact very often because if you contact it is really hard to follow up on the people because you don't know your schedule.

Saturday my companionship went out and proselyted with the sisters that we did the contacting activity for.  They are both young on mission so it was fun to give them advice and council and help them follow up on the people that we contacted on Wednesday.

We have still been teaching Rose and Perfect. It was a little tougher this week because we couldn't get many members to come out and help us. They are still doing really well except their home situation isn't all that great and they are being harassed because we are visiting them.

Another cool thing is we had a meeting with the people at the distribution warehouse here in Accra. I have actually really enjoyed gaining insight into how the church works in a more business sense. Working with the area office and such gives you a greater understanding of everything the church does. It is really incredible.

  • Mom's Question of the Week: What is the most important thing you've learning while serving in the office?

I've learned a lot of important things while I've been in the office. Depending on the day you ask me I might have a different response to that question. I think though I have learned how different everybody is, yet I have also learned how much God loves all of them. In the office you often dodn't see the best side of people. You are often reminded of your own imperfections. Yet God has a plan for everyone, and he loves us all. I used to think, "Why doesn't President Heid just put all the obedient Elders together and all the disobedient Elders together. That way at least the obedient could get some work done."  I have learned that that is sometimes contrary to God's plan. God doesn't just give up on those that come to mission with different ideas or values than I do. He loves them too. He has a plan for them too to develop. It is also part of the development of the obedient to learn to love and counsel someone else even if they don't share your same views.

I love you all so much.

Elder Shelton

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